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A bit of background...

Sports Therapy Services is owned and operated by Lesley Oleksyn, who is a fully qualified and insured Sports Therapist and a Gold Member of The Sports Massage Association.

Lesley has always participated in sports and fitness activities, including competitive sport and anything to keep active and have fun.  She played National League volleyball with Cambridge Volleyball Club for many years, and has several years coaching experience. Her interest in sport and fitness and experience of her own rehabilitation from ACL injury and surgical reconstruction in 2001 lead her to undertake an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy in 2005.  She understands that no one wants to get injured or be in pain, and if you do, you want to be able to get back to your activity again as soon as possible. With this in mind, treatments will aim to deal not only with acute or chronic injury, but also to restore areas with the potential for injury due to postural imbalances , alignment issues and soft tissue problems.  She will always try to look at the whole picture to see what may be contributing to your problem.   

In 2006/2007, she worked as sports therapist to the first team at Histon Football Club, where she attended training sessions and matches to ensure injuries were dealt with promptly and rehabilitation was seen through to returning the player to full competition fitness.  

Since becoming a Mum in 2009, she focuses on private clients only.  She wants to help you get back to enjoying your activity, whether it is running marathons or running after your children, with minimal pain and self-help techniques you can do at home to help maintain your fitness.

Since 2017 or so, Lesley has had a real interest in chronic pain, and has learned a lot about how chronic pain works and how dysregulation in the nervous system can have a detrimental effect on your health and wellness.  

Since 2020, she has taken up a new sport - walking netball - and is really enjoying being back playing a team sport after retiring from volleyball so many years ago.

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