Initial consultation: 

If it is your first time, your initial consultation will be in two parts:-

Approx 20-30 min video (or telephone) consultation to include detailed history taking and some examination.

Approx 30-40 min clinic session to complete any examination and carry out treatment.   

Total cost:   £55.00     

Follow-up clinic appointments or sports massage:   

30 minutes   £37.00       45 minutes £45.00         60 minutes £55.00

Follow-up video consultation appointments to review progress and/or adapt rehabilitation protocol:

30 minutes      £20.00

Please note all advertised prices for clinic appointments now include a £5 surcharge to cover the cost of additional PPE and cleaning supplies, time and room rental charges required to incorporate cleaning after each appointment.

How to Pay

At present, we are not able to take card or contactless payments, however, you may pay by the following methods:

(1) PAYM - mobile to mobile transfer, but you need to be registered with your bank or building society.  Find out more here

(2) Bank transfer, ideally prior to your appointment

(3) Cash as a last resort, but this is discouraged, especially now with COVID-19.  Cheques can no longer be accepted.